Bianca Hicks


Bianca is a beautifully captivating practitioner, whose motivational and heartfelt teachings have harvested a devotional truth within classes, where honesty and love are centred.

With a soothing voice, she intertwines Yoga's Universal Principles and Yogic philosophy. "it’s a wonderful opportunity to expand our awareness, create space within the mind and enhance our ability to absorb these sacred teachings" she says. " through this growth, inspiration and joy will weave like magic into our lives."


Bianca began her Jivamukti yoga journey back in 2012 at the Yoga Studio Ely, deepening her practice, joining Satsangs and various workshops with International Teachers, Swami’s and Gurus of all kinds.

In 2018 Bianca became a Certified Jivamukti teacher in India, at Govardhan Eco village with Jivamukti founder Sharon Gannon. Other teachers include David life, Yogeswari Azahar, Moritz Ulrich, Gregor Maehle and her personal teacher Mark Stevens.


She tries to incorporate all her teachers knowledge and skills to blend and express who she is today. Now with aims of uplifting hearts, leading classes, and workshops – at the heart of Bianca's message is the importance of connecting with others: "I hope people find the courage to live from the heart with compassion and love. You can step into this practice in a way that opens you up to all beings everywhere, human and animal."


Bianca is also a passionate Henna artist and creative soul, who loves nothing more in her free time to draw, sketch and design. She finds henna a beautiful meditation and way to express the fun and exciting world or art. ‘Beautiful Soul Henna’ is also a sub focus of her work, under this alias she manages, ‘Beautiful soul Therapies.’

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