The Practice

Our aim is to help you find the class that best suits your needs. Classes vary from very dynamic to restorative, so whatever your age and fitness, there is a class for you.

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Jivamukti Yoga

Classes are physically dynamic and intellectually stimulating. Classes are based on flowing asana sequences (vinyasa) which generate purifying heat in the body, promote fitness, stamina, flexibility and concentration. Jivamukti is not a set sequence of postures, the flow is continually changing to keep the practice inspired. Philosophical teachings, breath practices, hands-on adjustments, sanskrit chanting, meditation, deep relaxation and inspirational music play a part in each class.

Sivananda Yoga

Classes incorporate structured asana sequences in which postures are held, periods of relaxation, breathing practices, deep relaxation, Sanskrit chanting, hands-on adjustments, kriyas (purification techniques) and Yogic teachings. This is a classical Indian Hatha Yoga style, which promotes mental balance, relaxation and physical wellbeing




An essential tool for deepening your experience of Yoga and of life in general. Sharing meditation practice with others is a beautiful and empowering experience. We chant traditional mantras, practice Pranayana (breathing techniques), explore Yogic teachings, experience guided meditation practices and share food (Prasad).

Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators, classes are open to all not just existing students.

Don't worry if you cannot sit comfortably on the floor, props and chairs are provided.  Satsang means sharing the company of the wise, good and virtuous. We chant together, watch movies about Yoga or related topics, share vegan food and get to know each other better. Building community is part of the practice of Yoga.

Beginners Yoga

Is a comprehensive and progressive introduction to yoga designed for entry level students where you can build a strong foundation for your practice or revisit the basics if you are more experienced. Simple postures emphasising correct alignment and posture modifications. Classes include an introduction to chanting and meditation and are suitable preparation for Jivamukti or Sivananda styles of practice.

Kids / Family Yoga


Classes will explore flowing sequences, balancing poses, partner poses and team building yoga games. Breathing exercises, chanting, creative imagery, and relaxation skills will also be introduced.

Regular asana practice will improve children’s flexibilty and strength, improve digestion, coordination, gross and fine motor development, concentration and listening skills. Classes will also help children to build on their social skills, develop self expression and help them to form connections with others.