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PAST EVENT - September Satsang

Honouring Tools - with Mark Stevens

Sunday 22nd September 6.00 - 8.00pm

Talk - Seeing the Sacred in everyday objects. Mantra chanting. Meditation and Offerings.We gather together to honour the tools that we use to procure our livelihoods. Please bring an object that helps you or your family members to provide you with the necessities of life, to be placed near the altar as part of the ceremony.

In India and the Yoga tradition tools are seen as sacred items and gifts from Mother Earth. I feel  this is something we should consider more carefully in a society where so much is wasted.  eg. bring a hairdryer, high vis jacket, stethoscope, computer, yoga mat, trowel etc .... if it is a tractor please just bring a picture! I am really looking forward to see what turns up!

BOOKING IS REQUIRED. All welcome. Charitable donations at the studio are accepted.

You can also book at the Yoga Studio or call - 01353 698090


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