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PAST EVENT - Soul Food - with Mark

Growing wall trained apples and pears (practical)

Saturday 11th Jan 2020 2 - 4pm £8

In the studio garden followed by tea and cookies

The more i grow my own food and share yoga, the more i feel it is a radical statement against the rampant commercialisation and standardisation of our food supply........

and many other aspects of our lives!

Learn practical skills, connect with the soil, use your hands, grow food! How to grow wall trained (espalier and cordon) apples and pears. lots of produce in a small space..... and very beautiful, easy when you know how, but a bit daunting for many.

However small your garden you can grow fruit in this way. I will demonstrate pruning on my trees, and advise about how to get started with planting, variety choice and suitable pollinators, storing etc.

Fruit trees are great for wildlife, birds, bees, insects and humans. Home grown apples and pears bear no resemblance in taste and nutrition to those in the supermarket.

Please bring a notebook and wear warm clothing and boots.

BOOKING REQUIRED BY EMAIL or 01353 698090 No booking available on website.


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