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PAST EVENT - The Art of Kirtan

with Dharmadevadas (Yogi Kane)

Sunday 17th November 6.00 - 7.30pm

Explore the magical vibrations of mantra through the Bhakti filled practice of Kirtan.

Experience how to sing with your heart and silence your thoughts.

In this evening session Kane will share......

1 - The philosophy behind the practice of Devotional Chanting

2 - The potential effects of Kirtan 

3 - Poetry

4 - Devotional chanting

5 - Last but not least, a unique sacred chant performance to close the ceremony.

So if you ever wondered why we chant in the yoga tradition, or if you are into the arts especially music, then come and explore the art of Kirtan and discover its roots.

If you want to explore a compassionate and loving dimension to your practice, then this could be for you.

£5, Open to all.



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