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PAST EVENT - Learning to TEACH Pranayama and Yogic Meditation Workshop part 2

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

(for teachers and teacher trainees only)  with Mark Stevens   

Sunday 7th October 2018 2.30 - 5.00pm          £30

The emphasis will be on providing teachers with meaningful pranayama and meditation techniques which are linked to the asana practice. Techniques which are not a token gesture, but the start of a progressive journey towards the higher limbs. 

This session we'll focus on Japamala meditation, Sushumna Nadi Meditation, stage 1 of Chakra Meditation and Tratak etc, all of which can be used in a open class format. .”

lt is important to expose students to the higher limbs early on in their practice life so they are not stuck in the physical body and have the possibility of realising their full potential.

The emphasis will be on developing your own practical teaching skills and explaining the theory simply to students.

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