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PAST EVENT - Weekend Higher Limbs Intensive with Gregor Maehle

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Sat 2nd + Sun 3rd September 2017

Gregor will be visiting from Australia. He is an internationally renowned yoga teacher and author, dedicated to codifying and personally road testing the traditional yoga practices for our benefit and for the benefit of mankind. I appreciate the fact that Gregor is offering so much authentic yogic insight, that is in real danger of being lost as yoga becomes more commercialised.

Suitable for students of all traditions and levels of experience

This is a two day intensive and you will need to commit to both days..

"We are very honoured to be hosting Marks teacher Gregor Maehle for a Weekend Higher Limbs Intensive - Meditation, Pranayama, Kriya, Samadhi and Asana in September this year. "

Gregor is the author of five yoga books which I highly reccomend. Ashtanga Yoga : Practice and Philosophy Ashtanga Yoga : The intermediate Series Pranayama : The Breath of Yoga Yoga Meditation : Through Mantra,Chakras and Kundalini to Spiritual Freedom Samadhi : The Great Freedom

Gregor's Website -

TWO DAY PROGRAMME Saturday 2nd Sept 2017

9.00 - 11.30am  Led Asana Class.  Gregor will give an accessible and steadily paced talk-through of the majority of the Ashtanga Primary series with technical detail and anatomical insight. 

12.00am - 1.30pm  Lunch. Vegan Indian meal.

1.30 - 4.00pm - Lecture and Practice - Yogic Kundalini (Chakra) Meditation "Yogic Meditation has fallen into disuse; hence the many attempts to import unlinked meditation techniques into yoga. My intention with this book is to usher in a renaissance of yogic meditation" Gregor Maehle  Little taught and seldom understood, the codifying of this transformative practice is a great gift that Gregor has bestowed on the Yoga community.

Sunday 3rd Sept 9.00 - 11.30am - Lecture and Practice - Kriya and Pranayama. Kriyas are fundamental yogic techniques for purification and pranic awakening.  Pranayama. "Neither posture practice nor meditation practice can harness the breath. The prana, the life force, and it is exactly this that pranayama is designed to do."  Gregor Maehle. Gregor shares these techniques with a rare level of detail and sophistication based on years of study, research and practice.

11.30am - 1.00pm  Lunch. Vegan Indian meal.

1.00 - 3.30pm - Lecture - Samadhi Gregors latest book is called Samadhi : The Great Freedom We dedicate so much time and effort to our practices, but what is the goal, the true destination? The different states of Samadhi, as described in Master Patanjali's Yoga Sutra are seldom understood or just considered unattainable. Gregor will clarify the different states of Samadhi showing that not only is it an attainable state, but actually our natural state, our birthright.

This is Gregors only UK event on a short European tour so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Cost - £180 / £50 deposit


About Gregor Maehle

Gregor Maehle began his yogic practices thirty-eight years ago. In the mid-1980s he commenced annual travels to India, where he studied with various yogic and tantric masters, traditional Indian sadhus and ascetics. He spent fourteen months in Mysore, and in 1997 was authorised to teach Ashtanga Yoga by K. Pattabhi Jois. Since then he has branched out into researching the anatomical alignment of postures and the higher limbs of yoga. He gained his anatomical knowledge through a Health Practitioner degree and has also studied History, Philosophy and Comparative Religion at various universities.

In India Gregor also received eight months of mostly one-on-one instruction in scripture and the higher limbs of Yoga through B.N.S. Iyengar, a student of T. Krishnamacharya, and he studied Sanskrit under Professor Narayanachar and Dr Chandrasekhar. He lived for several years as a recluse, studying Sanskrit and yogic scripture and practising yogic techniques. Together with his wife, Monica, in 1996 he founded 8 Limbs in Perth, Australia.

Gregor’s internationally acclaimed textbook series consisting of Ashtanga Yoga: Practice and Philosophy, Ashtanga Yoga: The Intermediate Series, Pranayama: The Breath of Yoga, Yoga Meditation: Through Mantra, Chakras and Kundalini to Spiritual Freedom and Samadhi The Great Freedom – have sold more than 75,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into seven foreign languages. Further volumes are in progress. He has been invited to many countries to teach and has contributed to and been interviewed by numerous yoga magazines.

Today he teaches an anatomically sophisticated interpretation of traditional vinyasa yoga, integrated into the practice of the higher limbs in the spirit of Patanjali and T. Krishnamacharya. His zany sense of humour, his manifold personal experiences, and his vast and deep knowledge of scripture, Indian philosophies and yogic techniques combine to make his teachings applicable, relevant and easily accessible to all his students. He offers workshops, retreats and teacher training's in Australia and Bali, Indonesia and sometimes further afield.

LINKS Gregor with his wife Monica has an informative blog and website Gregors books. Lonely guru podcast. "from dissapointment to samadhi" youtube videos Real yoga medtation Path of a yoga teacher

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