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PAST EVENT - Yogic Meditation - 4 + 5 sessions

Establishing Yoga Meditation 9 Sessions with teachings and practice with Mark Stevens.

Yoga Studio Ely Chill Out Room

Mondays 7.00 - 8.30pm

in two blocks up to Christmas

Mon 16th- Mon 7th oct. 4 sessions.... £40 booking in advance please.

Mon 28th Oct. - Mon 25th Nov. 5 sessions.....£50 booking in advance please

A Yogic Meditation practice that will help to support your general and mental well-being, develop a healthy relationship with your mind, and cultivate a deeper connection to the life of the soul.

If you are new to meditation, would like to revisit your practice or have an established meditation practice already, you will be supported while learning and developing within each session.

If you are a teacher you will learn techniques and background that will help you to introduce Traditional Yogic Meditation to your students that is powerfully linked to Yama, Niyama, Asana and Pranayama.

I will progressively introduce different aspects of Yogic Meditation suitable for householder yogis to allow you to find the technique and level at which you need to practice. Sharing the energy of a group is a great way to inspire personal meditation and overcome the initial resistance to sit! Each week i will offer a teaching and guided meditation that you can work with between sessions. Followed by Q & A



1.Talk.....Why different people need different methods of meditation within the yogic system. Practice...Sitting well and Embodying the Breath. Q&A.

2.Talk... Different types of Mantras, choosing and using. Practice....Adding Mantra to embodied breath. Q&A

3. Talk... Visualisation, internal and external forms, choosing and using. Practice...Meditation on an external form. Q&A

4. Talk. Divinity, Meditation and the soul. Practice. Meditation on your personal form of the divine. Q&A


5.Talk. The importance of Ritual. How to assemble and tend a small personal altar in your home. Q&A

6. Talk.... What is Kundalini? Prana and the pranic body. Practice. Mudra and Pranayama to unite Prana and Apana. Q&A

7. Talk. Exploring definitions of Kundalini as described in classical scriptures. Chakra Meditation stage 1. Q&A

8. Talk. Overcoming obstacles in meditation. Practice. Self Practice, the level and technique relevant to you. Q&A

9. Talk. Beyond technique, cultivating the life of the Soul. Practice. Self Practice. Q&A


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